Posted: September 26th, 2023

Week 7 addictive behavior | Psychology homework help


Instructions for Week 7: In Week 7 you will write a 3-5 page paper conceptualizing your “abstinence” experience, specifically addressing: How has it brought a higher level of awareness to you regarding addiction and relapse? In what ways, if any do you think you felt like or had experiences like or behaved like an addict? How did you like having to alter many of your daily activities to accommodate your addition? What was the hardest part of this exercise?

*** NOTE: I attached my journal entries during this time, I chose to try and not drink the Bolthouse Mocha Cappuccinos drinks (because I can’t do coffee since my anxiety is super fragile to it and I get chest pains) I did in one entry end up “relapsing” and drinking some because I forgot

But basically incorporate the Bolthouse drink into the paper and tie it together with what I also wrote about in the journals while giving examples of actual substance abuse from articles!

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