Posted: September 26th, 2023

Techniques and interpretation for statistical analysis powerpoint


You are being asked to create a multi-media presentation using either Powerpoint slides or a Prezi presentation, whichever you are more comfortable creating.  Your presentation will present the various objectives of this week to help show your ability to explain each defined part of a central tendency in relationship to a normal bell curve.  Include the following major items in your presentation:

Use a creative testing scenario to help develop the following pieces of information.

1. Title Slide (1 slide)

2. Explain the context in which this testing situation is taking place and the content that will be examined and specifically the population from which it was collected. (1-slide)

3. Discuss the various pieces that a researcher can explain that are included as a part of the central tendencies of analyzing data, giving concrete examples of each. (2-slides)

4. Display and explain the use of a normal bell curve in relation to its application in understanding standardized test results. (1-2 slides)

5. Explain how various findings may be helpful in developing options to support test growth during selected time intervals throughout the school year. (2- slides)

6. References (1 slide)

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