Posted: September 26th, 2023

Implicit bias 2 responses | Human Resource Management homework help

 You must support your response with scholarly sources in APA format


  • The tests that I took were the weight IAT test and the skin tone IAT test. What intrigued me about the test was my score for the weight test that I am a moderate preference for thin people over fat people. I thought I would have had no bias but I am thin so I do understand how my score came out that way.
  • My results from the skin tone test was no automatic preference between dark-skinned Hispanic people and light-skinned Hispanic people. My score for the weight test was that I am a moderate preference for thin people over fat people.
  • I was only surprised by my weight test results and the skin tone test I was happy with because I don’t judge people by the color of their skin but by their actions and by their personality. The weight test had me a little upset with myself because I am thin and I should not judge someone because of their weight. But if a person is too fat it scares me because of the health issues they can have. What I take away from my results is that I have to judge others and always remember to treat people with respect. I think that it can impact me with my clients because I can get caught up if my client is too fat and I start to be concerned with their health and not focusing on what I am there to help them with. The weight is another matter not for me to deal with only if they ask me for help. In the article from Jill Suttie, (2022) she states that we must step up to recognize their privileged position and figure out ways to dismantle the system. She also states that we must stay open to learning and noticing differences between individuals in the same group. ( 


After taking the implicit bias tests, I am actually schocked! I took the weapons and sexuality tests. On the weapons test, I scored a strong automatic association for harmless objects with white Americans and weapons with black Americans. I chose this test because I am from Virginia, Central Va to be exact. We are gun carrying people here! We stand strong on our gun rights and we will go down fighting to keep those rights. I was intrigued to take this test because I feel as if I am a very fair person who dispite my “southern raising”, have put forth an effort as I grew up to NOT have the mindset that my parents and grandparents have. I did not raise my children to discriminate. I raised them to judge by character. 

The second test I took was the sexuality test. I took this test because I was so suprised by the weapons test I wanted to see what those results were. I am Bisexual, I was married twice to men, I have had several girlfriends, my sister is married to a woman, and four of my nieces and nephews are Pansexual. (they love everyone) Just as I encourage everyone to have a concealed carry license because mental health is a huge problem and we need to protect our families and kids, I stand firm on everyone loving who they love. It is none of my business who anyone lays down with at night. Period. My results for this test were also very shocking! They suggested a strong automatic preference for straight people over gay people. I was appalled! However, I know how deeply ingrained prejudice was pushed on me as a child. My grandparents and parents are ALL racist and discriminatory. 

These tests opened my eyes to the psychological part of my brain that I THOUGHT I had reprogrammed with many years of counseling and therapy. In my defence, I do think the tests were purpously confusing. I am ADHD, and switching fingers and such was a challenge in itself. I will take away the realization that how we raise our children is 100% going to stay with them and I think such ideas and language shared and spoken around children SHOULD NOT be allowed. 

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