Posted: September 26th, 2023

History – american history ‘they called us enemy’ writing assignment


After reading the graphic novel, They Called Us Enemy, answer the following questions using the same format and guidelines as the VOF writing assignments. You do not need to use anything but your book and maybe the Give Me Liberty textbook. I would recommend writing this without your internet browser open. And, of course, make sure everything is in your own words! 

Paragraph 1: We all seem to spend a lot of time discussing WWII, but often to not go into as much depth when discussing internment. Discuss the way Japanese internment was taught prior to college (or how it wasn’t). Why do you think the topic is often brushed over? What are two main facts that you learned from the Takei book the were shocking, interesting, maddening, etc.?

Paragraph 2: Discuss ideas of family, identity, displacement and political issues that have shaped Takei and the United States from the 1940s to the present day. Bring in one specific (short, 1-2 line) quote from the book to support your ideas.

Paragraph 3: George Takei experienced internment as a small child. How was his experience different from his parent’s experience? Do you think hearing his story, from a child’s perspective, rather than his parent’s, from an adult’s perspective, was more or less beneficial to the narrative?

Paragraph 4: Readers see Takei deal with the trauma of the camps (pages 141-145). He argues with his father and questions the choices his father made during that time. What do you make of the argument? Is George Takei’s argument fair? Discuss why his father might think the way he did (different generational outlook).

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