Posted: September 26th, 2023

Family and culture advocacy week

 Family relationships, culture, and community can influence a child’s learning and development at all stages. Educators can advocate for students by encouraging parental involvement in the classroom and demonstrating the importance of positive, purposeful relationships.

Imagine you have been given the role to kick off Family and Culture Advocacy Week. The goal is to encourage families to become involved in their child’s learning and development both at school and at home. Narrow your focus by selecting a specific grade band (Infancy-PK, K-5, 6-8, or 9-12) whose families will be the target audience.


present the following to families:

  • Describe how familial relationships and environment affect children’s development.
  • Identify the role that culture and community play in a child’s development. Include two ways you will integrate culture and community into the classroom.
  • Discuss the influence that trauma and stress can have on children’s development and school performance. Provide specific examples of common stressors and traumatic experiences that children might face.
  • Provide two strategies that families can use at home to address trauma and stress.
  • Recommend two activities or practices families can do outside of school to maximize learning and promote a positive and encouraging environment for their child through healthy academic/learning, social, and physical development. 

Please provide 2 references and at least 500 words 

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