Posted: September 26th, 2023

Externalizing disorders | Nursing homework help


Reflect on your first experience treating a toddler, school-aged child, or adolescent with a mood or anxiety disorder.

  • Describe a clinical situation, in detail. (Who was it, when did it happen, what happened, what caused it to happen, where did it happen, how did it happen).  Describing the clinical experience should take less than 3 minutes.  Discussing your reflection should take 3-5 minutes. 
  • How did you manage these anxieties, feelings, prejudices, and biases?  
  • What assumptions did you make about children or families with mental illness?  
  • What awareness did you develop during your clinical experience?  
  • Describe how you changed as a result of your clinical experience?  
  • Describe how will this clinical situation impact your advanced nursing practice? 

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