Posted: September 26th, 2023

Chapter 5 leaders | Nursing homework help

Gina graduated from an associate degree program in nursing and is working in a local hospital on a medical-surgical unit. Gina was introduced to Sue, a nursing student who is currently completing a clinical rotation on the medical-surgical unit. Gina has returned to school to obtain a BSN degree. Gina and Sue are having some difficulty agreeing on comfort care for a terminally ill patient. 

  1. Read the scenario above and then, answer the following questions:
  2. a) Does Gina have the autonomy and authority to force a terminally ill patient to drink? Are autonomy and authority the same thing?
  3. b) Can Gina delegate care of the terminally ill patient to a nursing student? Consider the terms autonomy and authority and patient rights as you deal with this scenario. Also, consider the legal implications for Gina and then Sue, the nursing student
  4. Your pap should be:
    • One (1) page
    • Typed according to APA Writing Style for margins, formatting and spacing standards.
  5. Typed your pap in a Microsoft Word document, save the file, and then upload the file.
  6. Upload your file by clicking “Upload File“.

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