Posted: September 14th, 2023

Annotated bibliography for 15 peer review artcles

Please I want Annotated bibliography for 15 Peer review articles, each article in one paragraph.

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The main question: What are the essentials to making Los Angeles a sustainable city?

– Double space.


1- Sustainability Considerations of Green Buildings: A Detailed Overview on Current Advancements and Future Considerations

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2- Do Green Buildings Have Superior Performance over Non-Certified Buildings? Occupants’ Perceptions of Strengths and Weaknesses in Office Buildings

3- Environmental Justice in Greater Los Angeles: Impacts of Spatial and Ethnic Factors on Residents’ Socioeconomic and Health Status

4- Evidence-based intervention sustainability strategies: a systematic review

5- Sustainable design strategy optimizing green architecture path based on sustainability

6- Implementing the Los Angeles Sustainable City pLAn: Have Initiatives and Improvements Reached all Angelenos?

7- Building Community While Building Responsibly: A Sustainable Housing Complex for Central Los Angeles

8- An Analysis of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority ’s Ability to Achieve Sustainability as Defined by the Transportation Index for Sustainable Places


10- Systems Analysis and Optimization of Local Water Supplies in Los Angeles

11- Classroom Walls and City Hall: Mobilizing Local Partnerships to Advance the Sustainable Development Agenda

12- Developing and Implementing the Sustainable City pLAn: What makes meaningful community engagement?

13- Planning for Climate Change

14- The Significance of Structure: Analysis of Multi-Level Administrative Participation on Renewable Energy Policy in Los Angeles

15- Adapting Urban Water Systems to Manage Scarcity in the 21st Century: The Case of Los Angeles

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