Posted: September 13th, 2023

Research topic busniess class | Operations Management homework help


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Research Proposal: Topic Assignment Instructions

The purpose of the Research Proposal: Final Assignment is to ensure you appreciate the challenge of setting up an effective research plan, consider the context, research questions, sources, timeline, integrated implications, analysis and writing required. Building a proposal will demand you work through all the research stages explored throughout the course including: clarifying the research question; designing the research; reviewing relevant scholary literature, data collection, preparation and examination; analyzing the data; and reporting on the research.  

The Research Proposal: Topic Assignment is the first step toward completing the major BUSI600 writing assignment, the Research Proposal: Final Assignment. Your research proposal topic should be one of personal interest/value with three limitations: 

  • It      needs to be something you can find scholarly research on i.e., if you identify      a topic that’s too narrow or obscure you may not be able to find enough      scholarly research on the topic
  • It      cannot be a subject upon which you have done a previous assignment.
  • Steer      clear of political topics/issues since this is not a political science      course

Ensure the following requirements are met:

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  • Identify      a topic of interest (a sentence or two), draft a problem statement that explains      the management dilemma, the management research question hierarchy for the      problem (<100 words) and concludes with the research question(s)      (<100 words).
  • Identify      at least 10 scholarly (peer reviewed) journal articles and create an Annotated      Bibliography that specifically explains each article’s relevance to your      topic (6-8 sentences per reference).
  • Use proper grammar, current APA      format and submit in MS Word format.
  • It      does not require an abstract or Biblical integration.

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