Posted: September 13th, 2023

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Help me finished the Rogerian argument assignment. I have started on the intro paragraph already. What I need you to do is READ the following two article and find me actual quotations in here that backup my argument. Locate the quotes and write the page and paragraph number of where you find it in paratheses I will check for the actual quotes as I review your work. ex. “blah blah” (page 34, paragraph 2).  If I see fake quotes or summarizing the quote without locating it, I will dispute.  NO CHATGPT I WILL CHECK. Finish the paragraph II III,IV and V. I don’t need fancy wording but it has to be strong and effectively used of quotes and it has to back up your thesis. If you want to change the thesis let me know, but do READ the two articles.

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The should contain the following components:

❒ I) An introduction that accurately presents both sources (i.e., author, title, year of publication, and position in the debate) and your middle ground thesis statement.
❒ II) A body paragraph that summarizes the pro-uniform rationales.
❒ III) A body paragraph that summarizes the anti-uniform/pro-dress code rationales.
❒ IV) A body paragraph that critically compares and contrasts both sides of the debate.
❒ V) A conclusion that further develops your proposed middle ground solution and demonstrates how it satisfies both sides of the debate. 

I will attach a student example of the format they accept. And the actual rubric of this assignment on how they grade this.

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