Posted: September 13th, 2023

Discussion | social policy | University of Texas at Arlington

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All original posts should be at least 200 words total (not including the question prompts) 

1. In your own words, summarize some of the most significant developments of social welfare policy from the Middle Ages through to the industrial era. 

Current events:

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While this week’s module has focused on historical content, its crucial for social workers to remain up-to-date and informed about policy changes across all levels of government (local, state, and federal). Last week, 774 new Texas laws went into effect after being passed by the Texas House in their last legislative session. Among them are a wide range of economic and social policies, covering issues from education, public safety and health, to the power grid. To answer the second question, read this short article from the Texas Tribune summarizing some of the major new policies:
Links to an external site.

2. From the handful of new laws summarized in the news article, select one that you believe could have an impact (positive or negative) on your clients or the populations you are interested in working with.

· Summarize your understanding of the law and state what social issue it was intended to address (2-3 sentences)

· Briefly explain how/why you believe the new law may impact groups or individuals you are working with/will work with in the future

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