Posted: September 12th, 2023

Theorist | Psychology homework help


Create a PowerPoint to discuss one (1) theorist of your choice. The PowerPoint should be a minimum of 12 slides long (count does not include title/reference)

Speaker Notes are required. Within the presentation you will need to include the following:

· Identify and discuss one (1) theorist of your choice,

· Provide a brief biography of the theorist,

· Describe their perspective/theory

· and their known contribution to psychology

Choose from the following:

Wilhelm Wundt

William James

Edward Tichener

Sigmund Freud

Anna Freud

Max Wertheimer

Wolfgang Kohler

Kurt Koffka


Ivan Pavlov

John Watson

B.F. Skinner

Abraham Maslow

Carl Rogers

Karen Horney

Ceicil Sumner

Stanley Milgram

Julian Rotter

Albert Bandura

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