Posted: September 12th, 2023

Sanders soc 1301 | Human Resource Management homework help


For this assignment, you will first conduct research about a significant person who was or is an advocate against racial, ethnic, LGBTQ+, or gender inequality. Choose a person who has had an impact on promoting equality whether through philanthropy, civil rights, teaching, or lifestyle.

You will then base your case study on this person and their advocacy for social change. You must address the following:

· Introduce the person. Discuss what led them to become an advocate. Specifically, how did society shape their path?

· What change were/are they looking to achieve and why? What was/is the primary message of their advocacy?

· Discuss which of the sociological views (i.e., conflict, interactionism, or functionalism) help to explain the type of inequality addressed by this advocate.

· Did/does their advocacy invoke a change and or influence others? Discuss why, or why not. Remember that the view or perception of social change can be viewed as positive, negative, or a combination of both.

· Give an example of how this person’s advocacy has touched your own life, whether through an experience, changing of perspective, or exposure to their work though educational or social means.

· What lessons do you believe we can take away from this person and apply in today’s society for the betterment of the future?

Your case study must be a minimum of three, but no more than four pages in length. A title page, if used, and the reference page do not count toward the page requirement.

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