Posted: September 12th, 2023

Help with 3 assgn due in 48 hours

Ch. 4 Discussion Board

Explain why Prenatal Care is strongly recommended when expecting a child? What impact or developments can result from receiving or not receiving prenatal care? 

Currents events Portfolio Paper 1 Assignment

See the Microsoft Word Document “Paper 1 Rubric” for instructions on the requirements for this assignment. 

Click on the link to access the article you are to read and upload your paper in Microsoft Word document format from your computer. 

Link to an external site.


Chapter 2 Discussion Topic

After reading the chapter, looking at the posted PowerPoint chapter notes, and watching the following YouTube videos discuss the following points:

1) What kind of force is gravity (i.e. a push or pull)?

2) If it is a push, what is pushing; or if its a pull, what is pulling?

3) What property of the object pushing or pulling determines (according to Newton) how strong the force of gravity is on Earth and elsewhere (i.e. the moon)?

There will be a discussion question assign for each chapter. Class Discussions are an important part of the virtual classroom. Your participation will not only enrich your experience in this course but will enrich the experiences of your fellow classmates, as well. There are certain requirements to fulfill in order to receive the maximum credit for class discussion participation.


Frequency and Timeliness: Students should post on three different days each week(day one initial post, day two response to a classmate, day three response to different classmate) 
with the initial post being within 48 hours of module opening.


High-Quality posts include substantial posts containing well-developed original thoughts, added insight to the topic, outside sources, and follow-up questions. These posts are error-free and grammatically correct. In addition, these posts are a minimum of 150 words. The posts should demonstrate higher order thinking and critical thinking skills.

YouTube videos:


Feather Drop 2.wmv
Links to an external site.

Feather Drop 2.wmv

Feather & Hammer Drop on Moon
Links to an external site.

Feather & Hammer Drop on Moon


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