Posted: September 12th, 2023

Financial market research | Accounting homework help

Visit one of the websites or library databases below to find a finance article that interests you.

  • Yahoo! Finance (
  • MarketWatch (
  • Click on “Markets,” “Personal Finance,” or “Economy”
  • Motley Fool (
  • Click on any sections at the top or see the Trending section
  • Other credible financial sites

In at least one page (double-spaced) in a Word document, write a summary of your chosen article. Describe the main purpose of the article and three ideas or issues you learned about. Explain how each idea affects the financial markets.

This paper should have a professional tone and format. Be sure to use correct grammar and APA in-text citations and references to give credit to sources. Wikipedia is not a credible website and should not be used.

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