Posted: September 12th, 2023

Behs 4.2 post help | BEHS 220 Diversity Awareness | University of Maryland Baltimore


Week 4 Open Forum



This discussion forum is an opportunity for you to explore topics that interest you; share critical insights and questions that you are working with; share your struggles and triumphs; and discuss difficulties that may have arisen this week. Your initial post should describe your experiences in the course this past week, prompting further discussion. Address 
at least two of the following questions:

· What caused you to view the world around you differently or examine a topic from a different perspective?

· What struck you as you explored the course materials this week?

· What insights have you had?

· Return to the 

IAT website
 and take one of the two Gender IATs. Share your results or impressions of the IAT and how it relates to the readings and other materials from this week.

· What questions have come up for you at this point?

· Do you have any helpful tips that you’ve picked up in this course or in a past course?

You are required to post at least 150 total words in this forum this week. You can post one time or ten times, the only requirements are that you post at least 150 words total and that you engage in conversation related to course content. This Open Discussion forum is a place for you to collaborate and connect with your classmates, as well as support one another. Ask questions, answer questions, provide extra resources you found that are interesting, or engage in a debate about something you learned this week.

All your participation in this forum is due by Day 7 of the week. Students who post early in the week and use this forum to engage their classmates on a regular basis tend to do well and get more out of the course. If you have a question for your professor, you should contact your instructor through email or in the Ask the Professor forum. Your professor will monitor this board and may post, but they are not expected to answer all questions.

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