Posted: September 12th, 2023

Behs 3.1 post help | BEHS 220 Diversity Awareness | University of Maryland Baltimore


Discussion 3: Ageism and Implicit Bias


Must post first.


The resources for this week explore implicit bias and how it differs from prejudice. They also examine ageism and the implications of this injustice. While these two topics may not seem to directly relate to each other, the readings for the week will demonstrate the connections between them.

To begin, go to the 

Project Implicit website
. Take the Age IAT and make a note of how you score and what percentage of IAT takers fall into the same category that you do. If you do not fall into the most common group, make a note of what that one is, as well. 
If you are unable to complete the IAT for any reason, please 

click here

for a set of sample results you can use for this discussion.

Then, using concepts and information from 
at least two of the required readings, answer the following questions:

· What was the most common result on the Age IAT? Were you surprised by this? Why or why not?

· What are some of the stereotypes or single stories that people in our culture have about older Americans? For example, how often do you see older people represented on TV or in the movies? How might this relate to implicit or unconscious bias?

· How does age diversity benefit workplaces, families, and communities? How would you suggest businesses go about eliminating age-related bias?

Provide your initial post by 11:59 pm on Sunday. Your initial post should be at least 200 words in length, excluding the discussion prompt and the references. Please use in-text APA citations within your post as well as full APA references at the end of your post.

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