Posted: September 11th, 2023

Week 4 journal | Law homework help

All questions are worth 20 points:

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  1. Explain the Zimbardo experiment and what it might imply for correctional professionals.
  2. Is the parole officer’s role to help the parolee stay out of prison or is it to simply identify any violation? If the parolee stumbles should the officers promptly return them to prison?
  3. You are a prison psychologist, and during the course of your counseling session with one drug offender, he confesses that he has been using drugs. Obviously, this is a serious violation of prison rules. What might you do to handle this problem? 
  4. Would you want to meet with the murderer of a loved one? Under what circumstances would you recommend them for a restorative justice program? 
  5. Discuss a real-world prison or jail known for corruption. If you were in charge of this facility, how would you implement an anticorruption strategy in a prison known for brutality and other forms of corruption?

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