Posted: September 11th, 2023

Learning through play | Education homework help

The purpose of this project is to introduce pre-service educators to the process of classroom inquiry and reflection by designing an action research project. Specifically, the focus is to develop methods consistent with critically reflective practices that support effective teaching and enhance student learning. By employing a systematic process of classroom inquiry, participants will learn how to develop classroom-based research by searching for relevant literature, designing appropriate data collection methods, and reflecting upon the overall design. The action research proposal will comprise the following components:  

  1. Introduction 
    1. A description of your pedagogical concerns or interests behind the project
      1. This should describe what has drawn you to this particular issue from the standpoint of your process of becoming an educator. You should draw upon your experience as a basis for your pedagogical rationale.
      2. A description of how this question and proposed research reflects a specific PPR competency (at least one competency linked, but you can include more)
    2. A brief description of the problem and the instructional strategy to be used to enhance teacher practice and promote student learning:
      1. Briefly identify the problem to be addressed and why it was selected. The problem may relate to instructional strategies, approaches to assessment, use of culturally relevant materials, classroom management, or a problem agreed upon with the instructor.
      2. Describe what you have selected to do as a strategy in the classroom and why you believe this will have an impact on your teaching ability as well as student learning.
  2. Review of the literature
    1. Discussion of theory, research and findings from at least 3 (one can be from our textbook and 2 articles) that presents a logical argument for your strategy:
      1. The literature review should present a concise argument supporting the strategy you have selected by addressing:
        1. The theoretical/pedagogical basis of the intervention
        2. The research base supporting the intervention’s effectiveness
  3. Description of the strategy to be used, with specific attention to procedure and implementation 
    1. Describe how you will implement the strategy and the type of evaluative data that you would collect to assist in answering your research question(s).
    2. Describe the assessment and evaluation methods to be employed and how they will address the research question.
  4. As a future educator, you will be responsible for solving a variety of challenges that occur in the classroom. Consider the questions below as you share how you will use the lessons learned in this assignment to be able to respond to student needs.
    1. How will you transfer this strategy into your future classroom?
    2. What resources will you need to be successful?
    3. How will you know the strategy is successful? What evidence will you use to support your success measure?
  5. Counter Argument for strategy
  6. Each reference must be cited 
  7. Sample assessment/evaluation 

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