Posted: September 11th, 2023

Help with responses 2 due in 24 hours

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respond to two classmates. You cannot place “I agree”, “Yes”, “That’s right”, etc. in your replies. They must consist of between 3-5 full sentences for credit.


This is really an eye-opening discussion for me. I realized that I most likely have “single story” views of some other places and people that I have never been to or actually got to know. I’m more familiar with some African culture today, but I definitely grew up thinking of Africa as a poor, lawless place full of war and famine. I also thought of it as one big “thing”, and not many individual countries with their own ways and dialect. I think disrupting the single-story views can be positive for those learning and the people they are learning about. As technology and travel means advance and evolve, the world is becoming smaller and “foreign” countries are not so far out of reach. 

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When we are only exposed to one type of story about a group of people, it can feel like it applies to the whole of the group due to being the only information we have to base our understanding on. This can lead to harmful stereotypes that dehumanize a group by focusing on the ways they are different rather than the things we have in common. As globalization becomes more prevalent, we are able to hear more types of stories giving us a better understanding of other experiences through seeing the diversity among specific groups.

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