Posted: September 11th, 2023

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We did the Ganesha. Ganesha is the elephant God like you would know him. We think of him before We start anything new. He’s kind of the God we think of who will help us sail through no matter whatever has to come. It will help us fight all the difficulties.

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Hi, I’m Vishal Kanoi. I’ve been from Bombay, but it’s been about six years for me in Calcutta. I have a dance studio in Calcutta, and we do various dance styles.

I am a performer, choreographer, teacher so. I run my dance studio, so I perform as well. We perform at our annual functions, and we have some corporate events going on, so we do perform. Everywhere.

Way go back like when I was about 8-9 ten years old. for a couple of my cousins’ weddings, I used to sing. I was tired of singing so like let me try something different. I try to dance.

Everybody loved that performance. that was like a confidence booster. After that I joined dance classes in Bombay. My teacher liked my work, so he picked me up in the junior company, Junior Dance company. I did
Dil To Pagal Hai a movie with Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit. They’re like big superstars in the Bollywood film industry. From there on I joined the senior company and then I’ve been dancing all over the world with the dance company.

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City dance happened last year in November. I was in New York at Broadway Dance Center. I came for a 2 two and half month course there.

I had about five to six pieces that I had to complete with the kids within those 10 days because I just came in in DC on the 5th of August, and we performed it on 15th already. So, within 10 days we tried to come up with the concept. Lorraine and I we we tried to keep the story line up around India and around Bollywood.

How it worked here was we first came up with the concept. We had a story line. What we’re trying to do, we knew where we are starting and where we’re heading to. Whatever the music tells me is. Is how my body wants to move is what we keep in mind while they were choreographing. Take ideas, flow. They don’t flow. I don’t know. Maybe I improvise in class of what I’ve already thought of, but yes, I only see the dance in my head before I actually come into it.

Every choreographer has his own vision, but still, I have to stay with the music and do what the music tells me to do.

These mainly and anybody and everybody because as a dancer and as a choreographer you look at animals and you come up with things. You look at some sport going on. You come up with things, so anything I think I’m an observant person and I kind of Can grasp and grab things a little faster, I think. it works for me and I like to look around. I like to keep my eyes open and just be aware of my surroundings so that helps in getting your new inspiration and in trying to do different things and new things, so it works for me.

I love to see the happy faces at the end of the class.

I’m not just a choreographer. I am a performer. I am a choreographer. I am a teacher.

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