Posted: September 11th, 2023

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Format: You will present your plan in a PowerPoint presentation format. Please do not exceed 10 slides and please annotate your slides utilizing the speakers notes section at the bottom of each PPT slide. The speaker’s notes should not simply repeat information on the slide but provide a narrative that represents a complete analysis. The best reports will be clearly written, well justified, insightful, and realistic.

The Report to the Board should include the following components: 

  1. Review and assess your financial and market performance during the second year 
    • Compare your actions with the strategy and plan you presented to the venture capitalists (instructor) at the beginning of the competition and discuss the departures from the plan, how they were justified, and their outcome 
    • Evaluate the performance of the company. Identify and discuss the good, the bad, and/or the ugly, as might be the case 

2. Assess your current strategic position and the forward-looking market landscape, identifying your firm’s strengths and weaknesses and how it can compete in the future?

3. Identify and evaluate what you learned about managing a business as a result of completing the simulation.  

(1. Company Name: SAW Cycles

2. SWOT Analysis:


– Unique and high-priced luxury cycles

– Strong brand image and reputation in the market

– Skilled and experienced team

– High-quality materials and craftsmanship


– Limited market reach due to the high price point

– Dependence on a small group of suppliers for materials

– Limited product range compared to competitors


– Intense competition from established players in the luxury cycle market

– Economic downturns affecting consumer spending on luxury items

– Disruption in the supply chain due to external factors such as natural disasters or political instability


– Expansion into new markets with high demand for luxury cycles

– Diversification of product range to attract customers with varying budgets

– Partnership with complementary brands to offer bundled products and services

Decisions that did not work out as planned:

– Launching a limited edition cycle that did not generate as much interest as expected. This was due to poor marketing and lack of market research.

Decisions that worked out as planned:

– Introducing a new line of electric cycles that catered to the environmentally conscious market. This decision led to increased sales and positive customer feedback.

Changes to be made starting in Quarter 4 with VC funding and justification:

– Expansion into new markets with high demand for luxury cycles: With the VC funding, SAW Cycles can invest in market research and identify potential new markets to expand into. This will help diversify the customer base and reduce dependence on a single market.

– Diversification of product range: SAW Cycles can use the VC funding to invest in R&D and introduce new products that cater to customers with varying budgets. This will help attract a wider customer base and increase revenue streams.

– Marketing and advertising: SAW Cycles can invest in marketing and advertising to increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience. This will help in expanding the customer base and increasing sales.

– Production: With the VC funding, SAW Cycles can invest in new technology and equipment to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. This will help in increasing profit margins and reducing reliance on a small group of suppliers.) based on my company where i had only two types of cycle speedy and rockyand i opened web sales in bangalore and amsterdam and then invested in 

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