Posted: September 11th, 2023

Book analysis the master plan | FMST201 | Towson University

 Book Talk Class Activity Number 1 – for The Master Plan by Chris Wilson Class: FMST 201-Spring 2023 
Name: _________________________________________________ Date: ________

  • Lenth of Assigment: 4 pages: 1- Cover- 2 pages responses – 1 page – Sources and citings 
  • 12 -Pt. Font— Times Roman
  • Updload docment to blackboard in Word Document 

1. Choose two (2) theories from the list below that you believe the “Chris’s family” uses most often and one theoretical perspective that you think would be beneficial for Chris to utilize and and why. Please use your Family Theory assignment for your answers but validate your answers as well (i.e., explain and then give example). Remember that the class defined family as broad and not just blood related – so you can be broad in your definition as well. 

  • Theoretical Perspectives:
  • Family Strengths Framework
  • Feminist Perspective
  • Family Ecological Theory
  • Conflict Theory
  • Symbolic Interactionism
  • Social Exchange Theory
  • Family Systems Theory

2. Choose 3 (three) Risks factors experienced by Chris, his family, or his neighborhood: Describe and justify why you believe it was a risk factor. Utilize the Risk Factor Material the Video and the Slide Deck 

Possible PointsAssessment Measurement: Book Talk 1 –50 Points Responses are accurate, well-developed, effectively supported, and appropriate for the questions.50 Points The chosen risk factors and theories are clearly identified, supported by the author, and defined. 50 Points Student(s) used critical thinking – well written – no or very few grammatical errors.Student identifies sources and cites them Total= 150

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