Posted: September 11th, 2023

1. you are a member of the human resources department of a


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  1. You are a member of the Human Resources Department of a      medium-sized organization that is implementing a new inter-organizational      system that will impact employees, customers, and suppliers. Your manager      has requested that you work with the system development team to create a      communications plan for the project. He would like to meet with you in two      hours to review your thoughts on the key objectives of the communications      plan. What should those objectives be?
  2. You are the newest member of the IT development team      contracted to implement an enterprise resource planning system for a small      retail chain. You are surprised after the project’s initial kick-off      meeting that no one was there to represent the client. Following the      meeting, you encounter the project manager in the hallway. What do you      say?

REMINDER: Capstone Presentation is due on Tuesday evening by 11 p.m.

Write minimum 300 Words of each Questions

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