Posted: September 5th, 2023

English essay at least 3 pages

For this week we want you to think critically about your own ethnic/racial background. In your paper please reflect on the following questions, but write in a cohesive essay form – not as if you are answering questions in a list. 3-4 pages.

1. How do you identify yourself racially/ethnically?

2. Do you consider such an identification important to your sense of self? How? Why?

3. What messages about race did you learn growing up in your home? Who from?

4. Describe the racial/ethnic makeup of the neighborhood that you grew up in. Where do you live now and what is the racial/ethnic makeup of your neighborhood/house? How is the racial/ethnic makeup different between your past and now?

5. Please also reflect on who your friends were as a child. Did you have opportunities to make friends across racial/ethnic lines?Who are your friends NOW, who comes to your house, shares meals with you? Hangs out with you?Is this the same as when you ere a kid? Has it changed? Why do you think this is?

6. How do you think your race/ethnicity (and the experiences you identify here) matters in terms of your future opportunities?

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