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Ihp 670 logic model | Management homework help



So far in this course, you have identified a health or healthcare problem and completed your needs assessment for this program. Also, you explored various program planning models and compared them to evaluate their strengths and limitations. Now, you are ready to design your program model.

Based on the findings from your program planning models’ analysis, you decided to use the logic model in designing your program. You will complete the logic model diagram over a few weeks and submit it with your final presentation to your senior management. This model will help them visualize your plan well before the program implementation. This assignment will help you and senior management know the resources you need to implement this program, the activities that will help you achieve the program goals, and the outcomes you want to set for the program. This is one of the essential steps before program implementation; it helps identify implementation challenges related to resources, activity planning, and outcomes evaluation.

In this assignment, you will focus on certain elements of the logic model: a list of inputs or resources, activities or work products, and outcomes. You will explore only three components of the logic model here, but you will be required to complete your work on the remaining components over the next few weeks. These sections are essential to complete before program implementation; this process will help you plan and design your program activities well before the implementation phase begins. In Module Six, you will add the remaining components of the logic model diagram for your program.

In future modules, you will learn about the budgeting process and financial decision making in program planning, which will help you complete the remaining part of the logic model. You will submit the completed logic model for your program as part of your course project submission.

This activity will help you understand three key components of program planning using the logic model, and it will help you complete one of the required support documents for your course project.


Complete the provided Logic Model Outline Template, and write a brief reflection on these sections, explaining your reasoning behind your decisions for each of these sections.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Program Title and Program Goal: Describe the program title and the overarching program goal. Consider the following question to guide your response:
    • How does the program goal address the identified problem?
  2. Inputs or Resources: Determine the key program inputs or resources using the Logic Model Outline Template to help you organize these inputs or resources. Consider the following questions to guide your response:
    • How would you determine the inputs or resources needed for your program?
    • What challenges do you see in getting all or some of these inputs or resources?
  3. Activities or Work Products: Determine the key activities or work products needed to make the program effective. Use the Logic Model Outline Template to help you organize these key activities or work products. Consider the following questions to guide your response:
    • Why are the identified activities or work products essential for the success of the program?
    • Which two activities do you think are most critical for the program and why?
  4. Short-Term, Intermediate, and Long-Term Outcomes: Describe the program’s short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes. The outcomes must be measurable, with an estimated timeframe (described in days, months, or years), and have a specific success target. Consider the following questions to guide your response:
    • What criteria did you use to determine the short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term outcomes?
    • How will your short-term program outcomes help you achieve your long-term program outcomes?

Note that all the claims in your deliverable should be evidence based. Your citations should be from your independent search for evidence (not from the scenario, textbook, or module resources) of credible sources and be current within the last five years. You are required to cite a minimum of two sources, at least one of which should be separate from your own research. Refer to the Shapiro Library Guide: Nursing—Graduate located in the Start Here section of the course for additional support.

Guidelines for Submission

Your submission should include a 2- to 3-page Word document with your reflection, as well as your completed Logic Model Outline Template. You must fill out the required template sections for this assignment and submit the completed outline as part of your submission.

For your reflection, include a title page. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

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