Posted: September 4th, 2023

Answer week_1. | Nursing homework help

Please respond to this classmate post with a minimum of 250 words, cite sources (minimum two), NO PLAGIARISM, APA Style. Should you have any question, please dont hesitate to contact me. 


Shared decision making, motivational interviewing and best practices of Models of care can help improve the children’s health literacy

Children generally are relatively poor at decision making and relatively not very much aware of the best medical practices so apparently the best way that can be used to get these kids in line is going through the parents and the people they are closely related to. In many occasions children tend to be good at embracing what they have learnt and practice it so this means that if the right practice is inculcated in them it will promote or rather improve the health literacy among them. Children are normally in that age that the brain is still very open and are willing to accommodate new teachings so there are high chances that they will embrace the motivation and the decision making issue that have been shared with them (Kaphingst, Weaver, Wray, Brown, Buskirk & Kreuter, 2014).


Kaphingst, K. A., Weaver, N. L., Wray, R. J., Brown, M. L., Buskirk, T., & Kreuter, M. W. (2014). Effects of patient health literacy, patient engagement and a system-level health literacy attribute on patient-reported outcomes: a representative statewide survey. BMC health services research, 14(1), 475.

Muller, I., Rowsell, A., Stuart, B., Hayter, V., Little, P., Ganahl, K., … & Nutbeam, D. (2017). Effects on engagement and health literacy outcomes of web-based materials promoting physical activity in people with diabetes: an international randomized trial. Journal of medical Internet research, 19(1).

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