Posted: September 3rd, 2023

English poetry essay | English homework help

Choose one of these 3 poets:

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Billy Collins

Robert Frost

Mary Oliver

Find 20-25 poems (on line) by the poet you choose.

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COPY these poems into a document.  

For each poem WRITE QUESTIONS like the study questions you found in our textbook after many of the poems.   These questions should be IMMEDIATELY UNDER the poems when you hand them in, just like those in the textbook.  IF THE POEMS YOU CHOOSE ARE IN THE TEXTBOOK, WRITE QUESTIONS OF YOUR OWN.

Make a TABLE OF CONTENTS for these poems with the TITLES and their PAGE NUMBER in the document that you hand in to me.

Write an essay about the poet you chose, 1500 words.  What are some of the themes common in this writer’s poems? What forms/style does the poet use?  How would you describe the language of the poet? We talked in class about the narrators of the poems.  How would you describe the persona most common in the poems by the author you’ve chosen. 

If you include some biography, connect it to the poems. Be specific.   Choose one typical poem and write about it at greater length than the others.  1500 words minimum.

You may do research on the poet you choose.  Make sure that you include documentation for the research you do.  Notes and bibliography.  Plagiarized work will receive an F.  YOU MUST ALSO GIVE THE SOURCE OF EACH OF THE POEMS YOU SELECT  (website from which you copied the poems; book or magazine where it was published also if possible).

Due March 16 or before. 

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