Posted: September 3rd, 2023

Current literature | Psychology homework help

Instructions for APA Style Review and Thesis Paper

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You are all responsible for the completion of an APA style term paper. The paper must be about 10 pages (double-spaced, 12 point font) in length (including the title and reference pages). There must be at least 15 references from peer-reviewed journals.



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You are to write a review of the current literature on a topic of your choice that relates to the field of biological psychology.  


You also must not only review the literature, you must defend a certain theory or perspective. Another words, you must have a simple thesis to defend. This thesis does not need to be original.  You must also provide alternative theories or perspectives as well in the document with support from the literature. 





Rubric for Project                                                                                                                                Points















All topics are discussed in clear detail.







2. Assertions are supported correctly.







3. Ideas are interrelated coherently and logically.







4. Author creatively enhances the topic.














5. An introduction previews main points of paper (a thesis would help here)







6. Body of paper develops and elaborates main ideas.







7. A conclusion summarizes main points.







Writing Mechanics and Style







8. Paper is free of mechanical errors (e.g., misspellings, typos, etc.).







9. Paper is grammatically sound (proper sentence structure).







10. Title page citations and references are in proper APA style.









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