Posted: September 3rd, 2023

Computer science assignment – software development

COIS20025    Systems Development Overview

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Term 3, 2013

Assessment 1 – Systems Development



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Note: Enter names and details of you, your lecturer and tutor on this cover page (delete this line before submission).


Due Date: 9am Monday 09/12/2013

1. Introduction

Add your contents here.

Note: In this section, you provide a clear definition of the aims of this report. You also identify the project objectives.

2. Approach to Systems Development

Please add your contents here.


3. Systems Requirements


Add your contents here.



4. Project Cost Benefit Analysis

Add your contents here – Briefly explain what this section is all about.


Table 1: Table Caption

Add your Project Cost Benefit Analysis table here.


5. Project Schedule

Add your contents here.

Add your Gantt Chart here.

FIGURE 1: Figure Caption



6. System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques


Add your contents here.


7. Reflections and Conclusions

Add your reflections about this project (e.g. achievement and constraints), as a paragraph here.


Add your work of conclusions with a summary of your findings, as a different paragraph here.

1.      References

Hoffer Ashrafi et al. 2012, COIT11226 Systems analysis and COIS20025 systems development overview, 1st edn, Sydney NSW Australia, Pearson Australia.


Satzinger, JW, Jackson RB, & Burd SD 2012, Systems analysis and design in a changing world, 6th edn, Boston USA, Course Technology Cengage Learning.

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