Posted: August 28th, 2023

Part 1: developing a research question & selecting bivariate data


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For the final project you will determine whether there is sufficient evidence of difference between two variables. For part 1, you will develop a research question and select bivariate data for analysis. Your research question and data selection must be approved by the instructor.

1. Research question:

To develop your research question, consider things that you are interested in or wondering about that may be answered with bivariate (two sets of) data.

Some possible student research questions are:

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· Do movies with a higher production budget result in a higher worldwide gross revenue?

· Do NFL athletes with higher QB performance have higher salaries?

· Do states with a higher college degree rate have a lower poverty rate?

· Do Coca-Cola beverages with higher sugar content have more calories?

· Do countries that consume more coffee per capita have longer working hours?

· Does a doctor with more residential training have higher salaries in New York?

· Do cars with more engine horsepower have higher average miles per gallon?

· Do counties, states, or regions with higher college degree rates have higher median income?

· Do countries with higher women’s education levels have lower infant mortality rates?

· Do heavier baseball players have higher hitting averages?

· Do soccer players with a higher FIFA rating earn more money?

· Do YouTube Channels with a higher number of subscribers have a higher view count?

· Do Major League Baseball pitchers with a lower Earned Run Average have a higher number of credited wins? (The number of wins credited to the pitcher within one year’s regular season.)

· Do states with a higher median household income have a higher percentage of homeless people?

· Do brands of cars in the United States with more horsepower cost more?

· Do states with a higher number of registered nurses (per 100,000 residents) have a higher median salary?

· Do states with higher percentages of immigration population have a higher crime rate?

· Do countries with high education levels have a lower fertility rate?

· Do states with higher Flu Vaccine Rates have lower Influenza/Pneumonia death rates?

· Do states with higher median household income have lower violent crime rates?

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