Posted: August 28th, 2023

Education assignment 1: description of the community, work setting,

As part of Module 1 begin the first part of the research project, which should be entitled “Part 1: Purpose

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of the Research Project.” This Part begins with three components, which should be entitled, “Description

of the Community,” “Work Setting,” and “Role.” The description of the community should provide the

location’s demographic information with references. Include factors that relate to the problem. It should

not name a community but should indicate its location, for example, “an inner-city neighborhood in a New

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England state” or “a rural county in a Southeastern state.” In the “Work Setting” you will describe the

location, such as a training center, school, department in a college, consulting firm, or other educational or

quasi-educational organization. Again, do not name the facility. Refer to it as “the school,” “the

organization,” or some other generic term that you deem appropriate. Describe any factors that make this

setting unique.

Be sure to discuss factors relevant to the problem. Do not cite any sources that would reveal the

identity of participants in this research project. In the “Role” clarify exactly what you do at this site-

actually or hypothetically. In other words how is it that a researcher would be able to positively impact the

situation that you identify? Be sure to apply guidelines formulated by the American Psychological

Association (APA) regarding citations in text, reference list entries, and writing style.

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