Posted: August 28th, 2023

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Assignment part 1

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Text book link (chapter 3)

Read over the assigned chapter 3 . Then respond to the prompts. Keep the prompts exactly as written and insert your responses immediately following each one.  That makes it much easier for me to determine that you have responded thoroughly and adequately to each one and as a whole. Overall, I’m expecting a minimum of 300 words, but some weeks it will take more words to get the job done. Your responses must have enough information to convey to me that you have diligently done your part.

. Include evidence of how you are connecting your personal experiences to all pieces of your reading. Your responses must demonstrate that you are reading the textbook. You can’t just “shoot from the hip” in responding and expect to get full points for your post. I have to see a synthesis of information that you’re reading and I have to see this knowledge being woven into your personal experiences that you’re sharing.

1. A position statement on curriculum and assessment was jointly published by NAEYC and the National Association of Early Childhood Specialist in State Departments of Education in 2003 that includes recommendations for teachers to keep in mind when planning DAP lessons and environments for young children. Summarize the major components that are included in the position statement.

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2. Now, in your own words, how has Head Start applied the position statement to their standards and program?

3. Describe what is meant by Integrated Curriculum? Identify 5 benefits of teaching using an integrated curriculum. What experience do you have teaching with an integrated curriculum?

4.Describe the Theme Planning approach to curriculum?

5. Describe the Emergent Curriculum and the Project Approach.

6. Provide a brief definition of these key and give an example or tell something personal of how you are relating to the meaning to demonstrate your understanding of the term.

a. open ended materials  

b. transitions 


d. DAP

e. curriculum 

f. integrated curriculum

g. reflective practitioner 

h. theme planning 

i. emergent curriculum 

j. the Project Approach 

k. backtracking

l. webbing

7. In your own words, describe how these approaches (integrated curriculum, thematic units, and emergent curriculum) can all work as one to help you write your lesson plans in this course. 


8. What additional information from Chapter 3 rings true in your work setting or personal life?

9. Which parts of Chapter 3 were you most aware?

10. Which parts do you see the need for improvement in your performance or at the facility where you currently work? 


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