Posted: March 24th, 2023

The Impact of Migration and Unemployment in the United States


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Migration in the United States is a historical and political phenomenon which entails the movement of people from one region or state to another. In fact, the inter-state relocation of persons presents the major form of migration in the country (Baumann, Justin, and Francis 443). On the other hand, unemployment describes the number of people in the employable bracket who are actively involved in the search of a job (Ryan 1). Although the rates of unemployment vary from one state to another, the general rates of unemployment in the United States are relatively high. Therefore, by analyzing how migration and unemployment impact the United States both in the positive and negative aspects, possible alluring advantages and disadvantages as well as indifferences would be found and later employed to deal with underlying economic issues.

Impacts of Migration

It is worth noting that the migration waves in the country have had a positive association with the spread of civilization and the sharing of skills and knowledge (Baumann, Justin, and Francis 446). Consequently, the migration of people within the country also facilitates the movement of labor as a factor of production, making the economic gains to the United States. Accordingly, migration contributes to lower levels of unemployment in the country as the jobless relocates and secures the employment opportunities elsewhere. Nevertheless, the migration is criticized for contributing to the loss of productivity to the regions of origin for the case of skilled labor. In addition, the cultural vices and criminal behavior are also associated with increased movement of people from one region to another; hence, the negativity associated with migration (Baumann, Justin, and Francis 446). Besides, increased relocation of individuals to particular areas encourages over-exploitation of resources in the different regions. However, the argument on the effects of migration has been indifferent regarding the impacts of the movement of people on employment and unemployment rates.

Impacts of Unemployment

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the United States produces the employment reports which indicate the rates of unemployment in the country (Krulick 1). Therefore, the levels of unemployment provide a snapshot of the overall economy’s strength and give an indicator of the levels of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the population in the country. Particularly, the unemployment rates in the US keep fluctuating, with 2009 recording 10.1% while the year 2016 recorded approximately 4.5% in the mid-year reports (Krulick 1). Among other negative impacts of unemployment on the economy has been the loss of consumer spending which works as a key driver of the economic growth (Ryan 1). Besides, the long-term rates of unemployment cause the financial, emotional, and psychological destruction of the American populations. Nevertheless, unemployment in the US has triggered innovations and creativity (Krulick 1). Therefore, while unemployment would not be desirable, its association with higher levels of innovations would be considered as a positive attribute.

However, the analysis by Baumann, Justin, and Francis shows a causative effect between unemployment and migration (443). For instance, in the consideration of large group occupations in the blue color job, there is a bigger probability of labor migration where the rates of unemployment are high. Nevertheless, the migration in the United States is not wholly dependent on the rates of unemployment.


As it is evident from the above discussion, it is worthwhile to acknowledge that migration and unemployment are the teething issues in the United States. In fact, the analysis points out the advantages and disadvantages associated with the movement of people from one region to another in the United States as well as the benefits and the detriments of unemployment in the country. Moreover, the discussion has highlighted the indifferences pointed out in the analysis of the migration and unemployment in the country. Hence, the government as well as local authorities should adopt certain migration and employment policies which will aim at developing the poorer regions by creating more job opportunities.

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