Posted: March 24th, 2023

Alabama’s Ethical Dilemma with having a State Lottery

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today’s meeting will address the current issue encompassing Alabama on the anticipated state lottery law. The governor Robert Bentley brought this law into Congress, claiming that state-run lotteries would eliminate the financial problems facing Alabama (Gore 1). However, this meeting will discuss the various shortcomings arising from indulging in lottery practices, especially those that are ethically related before people legally allow gaming in Alabama. Once gaming becomes a fully implemented law, the misuse of this platform will arise to the extent of affecting the legislative platform. Another ethical problem that will arise is social decay compared to the benefits attributed to lottery activities in Alabama.

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Gaming, an attractive recreational activity, presents more dangers than benefits because it has no limits, especially with addicted participants. In fact, the constant need to make more money through gambling will slowly poison the government’s policy structure due to the attractive revenues that result from lottery escapades (Cason 1). Similarly, like the participants, the government will become addicted to lottery taxes, thus leading to the restructuring of the law to help tolerate and promote corrupt practices as well as misuse of the gaming platform. As a result, casino owners will embrace dirty venture while the greedy legislators will be forced to regulate lottery laws at the expense of the Alabama states ethical practices.

On the other hand, the social standard of the Alabamian state will take a severe decline, and the social decay will increase because of increased casinos and gambling dens (Cason 1). For instance, immoral activities such prostitution, child trafficking, and pornography will be augmented by gambling. Moreover, with Alabama being a tourist destination, people with different ethical orientation will fully take advantage of casino sites where they can perpetrate illegal activities. 

In essence, the idea of a state-run lottery is not the answer to Alabama’s financial problems. Despite a likely increase in gaming revenues, the shortcomings of implementing this law supersede any associated benefits. A favorable lottery law will pollute the Alabamian social-ethical standards and compromise the legislative policy-making approaches. Therefore, I believe having state lottery will not provide any financial resolution to Alabama but will bring more ethical concerns.


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