Posted: March 23rd, 2023


Multi-generational Workforce

The contemporary multi-generational workforce presents unique challenges to organizations, especially in the broad management of the generational combination. Accordingly, learning to communicate effectively in teams and training each cohort separately have a major impact on the success of organizations. Therefore, the analysis on how the communication and training would take place by being based on the four generations which include traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X, and generation Y.

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Firstly, there are the traditionalists also known as the silent generation. According to this approach, the cohorts thrive in privacy, and they do not share their inward thoughts instantly. Therefore, training this group of employees would involve the use of words as opposed to gestures and body language. As such, use of words is seen as the best way to bond with traditionalists at workplaces. Ultimately, a succinct and precise one-on-one interaction or written methods of communication would be the most preferred method of interaction.

Secondly, the baby boomers generation is characterized by the individuals born between 1965 and 1981. By and large, boomers are highly committed to ascending the hierarchy of success. In fact, they are the children of the silent generation and believe in constant change and possibilities. Therefore, communicating with these people would involve using the body language because they are the “show me” kind of individuals. Particularly, speaking in a direct and open manner would also go a long way in ensuring effective organizational communication. However, one should avoid the use of controlling and bossy language. After all, training baby boomers should be thorough and detailed.

The third type of cohort is generation X, which is usually considered as a group of “shirkers”. However, they are more autonomous and possess strong technical skills. As such, they value access to knowledge and information as compared to the previous generations. Notably, communicating with individuals from this group should involve the use of emails as the basic communication device. It is worth noting that if they appreciate plenty of information, organizations should ensure that they get adequate data on a regular basis while using an informal style of communication. Consequently, the training processes should be in short bites aimed at keeping their attention.

Last and not the least is the generation Y, which has never known a globe without the modern technological advancements. Therefore, training this group should involve the use of positive reinforcement. In addition, communication should entail seeking for feedback in addition to offering a regular response. Eventually, the interaction should also employ the use of electronic mailing as a mode of communication.

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