Posted: November 5th, 2022

Porter’s five forces analysis web page | iwu

please read the instruction in point 5 there will be A detailed analysis of each force within Porter’s Five Forces model, in this need to work on bargaining power of suppliers ..

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need 2 pages – 3-4 references

Instructions for Deliverable

  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade. You can learn more about the specific skills being assessed by reviewing the links in Problem-Based Learning Resources(new tab).
  2. Prior to working on your Porter’s Five Forces analysis, be sure to read and review all articles and readings listed on the Problem Overview page as well as the following chapters in the course textbook: Marketing Strategy: A Decision-Focused Approach.
    1. Chapter 4, “Understanding Market Opportunities”
    2. Chapter 5, “Measuring Market Opportunities: Forecasting and Market Knowledge”
  3. Meet as a team to ensure you have a shared understanding of the requirements for this step. As a team, use your PBL plan to outline how you will all meet the requirements individually and collectively.
  4. This assignment has three sections.
    1. Written analysis of the Porter’s Five Forces
    2. Visual representation of your analysis
    3. Identification of the organization within the industry your team will examine later in the course
  5. Porter’s Five Forces. This written analysis (up to nine pages) will include the following:
    1. A detailed analysis of each force within Porter’s Five Forces model: bargaining power of consumers, bargaining power of suppliers, potential development of substitute products, potential entry of new competitors and rivalry among competing firms
    2. In your analysis, be sure to include the stakeholder’s cultural distinctives, as applicable, and respond to how this stakeholder’s cultural distinctive can influence marketing. The Hofstede model is helpful to examine cultural distinctives.
    3. Clearly indicate team members’ contributions.
  6. Visual Representation. This visual representation is a one page illustrative model of your team’s Five Forces analysis.
  7. Identify the organization within the industry.
    1. Identify the organization within the industry your team will examine in PBL Steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 later in the course.
    2. Include one or two paragraphs to fully explain why your team selected this organization.
  8. Requirements:
    1. The body of the document is not to exceed 11 pages, with up to nine pages of written content for your Porter’s Five Forces analysis, one page with a visual representation of the team’s Five Forces analysis, and one to two paragraphs to identify the organization within the industry, plus title page and references page.
    2. Clearly indicate team members’ contributions
    3. Research requirement: a minimum of 10 credible and applicable sources. The course textbook can be used as a source in this paper, and the balance of your sources need to be sources that are not provided in this course.
  9. Edit your paper. Verify that the content per the instructions is included and that all direct quotes and paraphrases have been properly cited and referenced. Review the entire paper for APA formatting and English grammar standards.
  10. Retain a copy of the completed Porter’s Five Forces analysis for your records, and one person from the team must submit the deliverable to the assignment submission page by no later than the end of Workshop Two.

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