Posted: November 4th, 2022

Eng101 | English homework help

Research has shown that the concept of reflection is fundamental to learning. Reflection is a process where a present circumstance or event is compared to a past experience. The past experience is replayed or re-evaluated in terms of new information. This analytic exercise enables the formation of new knowledge, perspectives, mental models, and ultimately, changes in behavior or action. In this activity, you will be using this forum to “track” your reflections on the modules you have completed so far,  and what you are learning (or what you aren’t learning). 

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–Review and reflect on what you have learned 

–Focus on how you learned

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Step 1.  Reflect on the following and try to answer the following questions: 

What attitudes, skills, and concepts have you gained from these modules? 

What did you know before; what did you want to know; and what did you learn while working through these modules? 

What are some areas you feel like you can continue to improve?  What steps will you take to do so?

If there are any changes you would make to this course, what would they be and why?


Step 2:  Respond as a critical friend to at least two other students. When commenting on each others writing, I encourage you to refer to the readings and videos whenever possible. In these reflective forums, the emphasis should be on providing different points of view or assisting a peer with a particular issue he or she mentions. For example, you might  refer to a particular strategy mentioned in the textbook and explain how it helps you, and how it might help your peer. 


The reflection forums are your chance to think about the course material and explain what you’re learning in your own words. If you’re having trouble with some aspect of writing, this is the place to talk about it. If you’ve found a particular strategy that really works for you, this is the place to share it with your classmates. 


While you  are still expected to respond to your peers in these forums, you are not expected to comment on things like grammar and mechanics. Peer comments in the reflection forums tend to be either supportive or sympathetic. In the reflection forums, you will discover that you are not the only student with particular frustrations, and that many of your peers have valuable advice they can offer. 

For information on how this forum will be graded, please see the rubric posted in Course Resources.

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