Posted: November 3rd, 2022

Shifting your genre week 4.5

When you write more than one text on a topic, you could shift audiences, you could shift purposes, you could shift stances. For this assignment, you will practice shifting genres. To begin, select one paragraph from a campaign speech  (Links to an external site.)(you can use one in that link or find your own). Below you’ll be asked to revise it into a tweet, a diary entry, and a business memo–so pick one that you understand! 

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As you complete this genre shift, you will need to make decisions about what information to keep and/or delete, how to best address the audience of the revised genre, the most appropriate word choice and tone, and how to take advantage of the digital or non-digital nature of the genre. 

Your assignment should respond to the following:

  1. What is the campaign speech you’ve selected for this assignment? Here, provide the speaker’s name, the title of the speech, where the speech was delivered, and a link to the speech. 
  2. Select one paragraph from the speech and copy/paste it here.
  3. Revise this paragraph into a tweet. Remember, a tweet has different rules than a campaign speech. Keep in mind how long a tweet is, how formal it is, and the typical style of a tweet. 
  4. Revise this paragraph into a diary entry. Again, remember the genre of a diary is different, as is the tone, audience, and style of a diary. 
  5. Revise this paragraph into a business email. Again, remember that an email is a different genre and has different features from a campaign speech or tweet. 
  6. Look back over the genre shift you’ve just completed. How did the style change to match each genre and audience? In what specific ways did you adjust word choice and/or tone when moving between genres? How did you decide what information to keep or delete within each genre? Use ideas you learned in Ch. 25 to help you. 

Topic: Ban on Abortions

Orignal Audience: Woman who contemplate Abortions or want to understand it’s rights

New Audience: should be woman of Color

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