Posted: November 3rd, 2022

Nokia | Management homework help

 Imagine you work for Nokia in product development. Recently, South Korean company Samsung contacted you about a potential conflict arising from a patent that Samsung holds. They are claiming that Nokia has violated their rights of ownership to the patent. In a 2,500 words, answer the following questions:

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  1. How will you approach the conflict? What kind of power dynamics are likely to be in play? Are there any ethical considerations involved? Which of the moral codes will you adopt in approaching this conflict? Why? (~500 words)
  2. What kinds of emotions are likely to emerge? What cultural variables need to be considered when communicating and negotiating with Samsung (i.e. South Korean nationals)? What ethical philosophy (egoism, utilitarianism, or deontology) do you plan to embrace for this encounter? Why? (~500 words)
  3. How do you plan to negotiate the conflict? Which approach (avoid, compete, accommodate, or collaborate) will you take? What compromises do you hope Samsung might be open to? Why? (~500 words)
  4. Assuming independent negotiations fail, which of the NON-BINDING ADR strategies discussed in our class would you like to pursue? What things can you do, as a party to the conflict, to optimize the chances that  non-binding ADR will be successful? (~500 words)
  5. Assuming non-binding ADR fails and you have to move to arbitration, what will your strategy be? What kind of award model or approach do you hope the arbitrator will use for this case? Why is arbitration preferable to you over ordinary litigation? (~500 words)

The length requirement of 2,500 words means 2,500 words of substance. If you put a heading on your submission, you shouldn’t count that. You also shouldn’t count your reference content. Bluntly, I am looking for 2,500 words of your own careful thoughts and analysis.You should conduct research and obtain relevant information from the academic literature, trade publications, and other credible sources to support your ideas (e.g. Wikipedia is not credible). You should use a minimum of five sources in your paper NOT including any sources you may choose to use from the materials in this webcourse. You will submit your report as a Word document through the associated assignment on the course website (under the Assignments section).IMPORTANT: Do not plagiarize or use unoriginal content without attribution. These assignments use for originality verification. If you copy/paste from other sources, I will know it, and you will receive a zero. 

The grading rubric for the Term Project is as follows:

Substance and Content – 12 pts

Addresses all components of the assignment with complete answers and discussion.

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Sources – 6 pts

Uses required number of credible sources.

APA Source Formatting – 4 pts

References and in-text citations are in proper APA format.

Grammar – 3 pts

Writing is grammatically correct, and free of spelling and syntax errors.

Length Requirement

Credit deduction proportional to length shortfall (e.g. if submission is 80% of required length, max eligible credit shall be 80% before other deduction). For an explanation regarding why length requirement is important, please read this article: 

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