Posted: November 3rd, 2022

End of semester wrap up: you will need to answer the three following


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End of semester wrap up:

You will need to answer the three following questions honestly, thoroughly and thoughtfully. The self-­ ‐evaluation must be typed, double -­ ‐spaced, 10 -­ ‐12” font, with a 1”margin and 3-­ ‐4 pages in length.  Begin with an opening statement, write your content in a clear, succinct manner, and end with a concluding statement.  

  1. Describe the major learning events related to course content/information you learned in this class.
  2. Identify a career path in Health and Human Performance that you are most interested in at this point in your education.  Specifically, what is your background in this career-path and what are your future goals.
  3. What could you have done yourself to improve your efforts/learning during this semester for this class?

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