Posted: October 31st, 2022

Main task task 1.3: mid-term assessment | BCO 314 – Small Business Management

Main task

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This is an individual assignment in which you are required to submit a PowerPoint Presentation describing your business strategy. The presentation should include the following components of the business strategy: Positioning, Pricing Strategy, Go-To-Market Approach and the Legal Aspects.


Your submission must meet the following formatting requirements:

  • Submit one file(s) only.
  • Required file format for main submission: PowerPoint presentation (.pptx).
  • Additional file format for additional deliverables: Not applicable.

• Additional file requirements: None. Other details:

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  • Up to 10 Slides, using EU Presentation Template
  • Rely on visualization of data or information and use less text on each slide
  • Title of each slide must summarize the content of that slide.
    All refencing and citations require Harvard referencing style.
  1. Rubric for Task 1.3 (Mid-Term Assignment- Video and/or audio presentation)
    This is an individual assignment. Responses carry a weight of 30%, the criteria for scoring is as follows:

Criteria Accomplished Proficient (B) Partially Borderline Fail (F) (A) proficient (C) (D)

Weight on grade


Professionally designed. Attractive, relevant and add to understanding. Support the development of the presentation.

Professionally designed but there are too many (some irrelevant) or are missing. Support the development of the presentation.

Visuals are well designed. Generally, they support the argument, but some are irrelevant or unclear.

Visuals are mundane and not always relevant to the presentation development. Fewer than five spelling mistakes.

Visuals are poorly designed, containing only words and are used as notes. More than five spelling mistakes. Relevance is not clear.



The content is clear, well developed and interesting. Conclusions are clearly justified. Appropriate language style and shows thorough, in- depth understanding of the subject area.

Competent development of content showing in-depth knowledge of subject area.

The content is clear showing knowledge of the area. Improvements would help to justify conclusions.

The content is generally clear but there are gaps in the development or information which is not relevant is given too much importance.

The content is a simple repetition of written work with no amendments to language or style. The development is confusing and does not justify the conclusions.


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