Posted: October 28th, 2022

Objective: algorithm | Computer Science homework help


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Objective: Algorithm:
Reverses a single list. Need answer with Java code
The Node of the single list as the following:
class Node{
Node next;
int value;
// TDD
1>null =null (the List is null)
2>1->null =1->null (the list has only one Node with value 1)
// Continue to list as many kinds of test cases as you can imagine here:
JUnit test cases in Java code are welcome but not required here, pseudo code is okay like that 2 cases I list as the example.
public Node reverseList(Node head){
// Give resolution here. Please make sure your resolution covers all above-listed test cases.
// JUnit test cases are not required but you are welcome to provide it to save my time to verify your resolution.
// It is a good habit for the software engineer to prepare JUnit test cases.}

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