Posted: October 28th, 2022

Discussion question | MBA | State University of New York College at Brockport

 Please use at least two intext citation

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Discussion Topic:

HSBC in their survey (looking at the impact of the COVID crisis) has indicated that: ‘Almost every business has been impacted by COVID-19 and short-term challenges dominate the thinking of 3 in 5 business leaders. Even as restrictions necessitate physical distance, the data show that more than 4 in 5 businesses have grown closer to employees, suppliers, and customers; acting on a clear preference for collaboration over self-sufficiency. Technology and sustainability are only becoming more ingrained in how businesses operate. And technology is not only about automation, but also its ability to shape culture and enable agility’

The survey findings are a great read to understand what is happening to businesses and how technologies will support dealing with employees, competitors, customers, and suppliers in creating sustainable solutions that enhance business.

HSBC Survey on Sustainability

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