Posted: October 24th, 2022

Management of construction processes and techniques

 Report 1 – Construction strategy (50% of coursework weight, max 2500 words) …including rationale for what was considered and chosen, including but not limited to: a. Main materials, methods & techniques b. Site layout c. Major plant and equipment, including a detailed lift plan for one important mobile crane d. Summary programme of main activities Assessment based on:  • Explanation of technical aspects and practicality of construction strategy • Detailed lift plan (including a discussion) for one important mobile crane • Response to site constraints  • Response to client’s needs  • Annotated construction site layout plan and schedule • Presentation and clarity in communication

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 Report 2 – Innovation & risk management (50% of coursework weight, max 2500 words) … focussing on three main innovations.  Assessment based on:  • Clarity in the description of innovation and the related dimension • Identification of risks associated with innovative technologies used along with the timeframe  for each risk • Identification of risk owners and reporting mitigation plans • Report specifically written for the client and sensitive to clients’ requirements for RM plan • Presentation and clarity in communication Extra marks for the two reports will be given for evidence of additional research work, however, do  not include large amounts of unnecessary literature. Specific requirements and submission details 

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