Posted: October 24th, 2022

I need someone to do a persuasive final project for a communications

Final Project and e-Portfolio: execution, description and analysis of a persuasive message.

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Students will construct a persuasive message which may take the form of an issue advertisement, editorial, PSA, or direct mail flyer.  Students should utilize a variety of strategies, theories and concepts discussed in the course.  Students will write a 4-5 page plan for their persuasive message which will include:

  • research on their topic
  • a summary of the theory/ies that have informed their project (what main theory/ies have they applied to best target their message to the appropriate audience and why)
  • an evaluation of the audience for their message
  • an analysis of the persuasive strategies/techniques they have employed in their message.

All assignments and essays are to be cited either in MLA (Modern Language Association) or in (APA American Press Association) style. (MLA and APA style formatting guides are available in the library and on the Lynn library website).

The final project is due April 25, 2016 at 11:00 am and must be handed in both as a hard and electronic copy. (The electronic copy – essay and visual – should be submitted directly to the student’s LiveText Account.)

No late work will be accepted without previous permission from the professor or without a note from the Office of Student Life.

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  1. Persuasive Message Final Presentation:

Students will present their persuasive message in a 5-7 minute oral presentation in class explaining:

  • why the message is needed
  • who is the target audience for the message
  • what are the main appeals and strategies built into each message and how do they serve the purpose. 

Grading: The project will be graded based on its execution and the extent to which it makes use of persuasive appeals. A major portion of the presentation grade will be based on how well the messages are defended in terms of the major ideas and theories discussed in the course.

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