Posted: October 22nd, 2022

Writing assignment: part 3 | English homework help


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Using everything you have learned from this course, finish the paper you began in Part 1 and revised in Part 2. Your final essay should be between 750 and 2,500 words long. If you are typing your paper, using a font equivalent to Times New Roman 12, with standard one inch margins and double spacing, your paper should be between three and ten pages.

Before submitting your work for grading, be sure the paper follows a logical order, and check your writing to make sure you are sticking to a single point of view. Make certain that you are offering your personal experience, and remember that factual and/or generalized information is
not acceptable. Do your best to add a hook to the beginning of your essay, and try to give your writing punch.

As you work on this writing assignment, use all of the ideas discussed in this course. Then, as you revise, refer to Writing Skills, Part 1 to double-check your usage and grammar. As always, proofread your exam before submitting it to an instructor for grading.

On the next page of this study unit is a copy of the grading rubric that will be used to score your essay. Keep the listed criteria in mind when completing your final revisions. Should you have any questions, do

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not hesitate to contact an instructor.

Good luck with your writing!

If you are mailing your essay for grading, attach your paper to the COVER SHEET at the end of this unit. Your submission for The Writing Skills Writing Assignment (00786800) will be graded separately from the multiple choice exam for this study unit.

When composing your essay, remember to

Choose a topic from your personal knowledge and experience. Remember that you must utilize your first-hand experience to prove your authority to write on a topic. Purely generalized and/or factual information is not acceptable.

Write in your own words, from your perspective or point of view, using the pronoun “I.”

Capture your reader’s attention with an interesting introductory paragraph.

Use specific examples from your personal experience.

Use concrete or vivid words.

Use complete sentences, varying your sentence length and structure.

Use fully developed paragraphs, where each paragraph has only one main idea with enough supporting details to develop that idea clearly and logically.

Write a total of 750 to 2,500 words on your topic. (If your essay is typed and double-spaced, your

final draft should be between three and ten pages.)

When you have completed your rough draft, be sure to proofread it carefully to correct any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Type or neatly write your final draft. Before submitting your work to the school, be sure to make a copy for yourself.

If you are mailing your exam for grading, please attach only your final draft to this COVER SHEET. If you are uploading your exam for grading, please click on

Take Exam and follow the instructions given.



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