Posted: October 22nd, 2022

10 pages single space thesis(political science) topic and standards


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10 Pages Single Space Thesis(Political Science)

Topic and Standards for Written.docx 

Subtitle is “Liyuan Peng’s(China’s new first lady) social behavior in international stage”


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Topic and Standards for Written Paper

“Personal Behavior and National Image: …”


Requirements: Please add a subtitle to narrow your topic. Write your paper as academically as possible. The length is about 10 pages single space (Times New Roman 12). Notes and references are required if you quote directly or indirectly. Quotation marks are necessary for direct quotations. No mistakes!


About Topic: What I gave you is a broad scope. You need to narrow your topic, and focus on something specific within the scope.


Standards of a Good Paper:

The topic should be small. Small topics are better than broad topics when the length is more or less the same. Teachers always prefer small topics no matter whether they are papers for a course or theses for graduation. Only a small topic can give you enough space to analyze deeply what you are going to “narrate”.

The perspective should be new or unique. Your theme or approach is expected to be somewhat different from others.

The content should be substantial. This is related to deep analysis of your topic/theme.

Different parts should be integrated into a whole through logic connections.

The language should be smooth and academic. By “academic”, it means the language should be formal rather than colloquial. e.g. “It is” is better than “it’s”, for “it’s” is colloquial. Formal language also requires more complex sentence structures than daily usage. Please write as formally as possible.

By “no mistakes”, it means titles and subtitles should be capitalized; notes and references are in correct forms; there are no spelling mistakes or print mistakes; punctuations are correctly used, and put in correct ways.


Note and Citation/Quota

    Direct Quotation

  1. Less than four lines (MLA), five lines (WIT), or eight lines (Chicago)put in the paragraph with quotation marks and note.
  1. 4 or more than 4 lines, should be put in an independent paragraph,  known as block quotation.

Researchers in English literature usually follow the style guidelines of the Modern Language Association (MLA). The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (New York: MLA, 2009) offers this advice for creating block quotations: If a quotation extends to more than four lines when run into the text, set it off from your text by beginning a new line, indenting one inch from the left margin, and typing it double-spaced, without adding quotation marks. 

WIT [Words Into Type] puts the cutoff at five lines

Chicago [The Chicago Manual of Style] suggests setting off quotations that are eight lines or longer,

APA [Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association] calls for setting off quotations longer than forty words.

Many publishers have in-house rules that define “longer” as more than, say, six or eight lines.

    Indirection Quotation

        Note is also required for indirection quotation.




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