Posted: October 21st, 2022

Timeline: feminist criminology in this unit, you learned about the | MCJ 5135 – Theory of Crime and Criminology | Columbia Southern University

Timeline: Feminist Criminology

In this unit, you learned about the influences that gender-based theories have had on criminology. For this assignment, you are to construct a timeline that highlights the major milestones of feminist criminology. You will support your timeline by meeting the following criteria:

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  • describing what is meant by the gender gap in crime data and how it differs based on various offenses,
  • discuss the roles that race and economics have in society,
  • describe the role of law and power in conflict theory,
  • reflect on how this applies to your understanding of gender gaps, and
  • discuss the influences that gender-based theories have had on criminology.

Your paper should be a minimum of three pages in length and include an introduction. You should also include a minimum of four resources, and one resource can be your textbook.

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