Posted: October 21st, 2022

Exp19_excel_ch10_hoeassessment_pledge_drive | Computer Science homework help


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Project Description:

You are a volunteer for Health Right, a nonprofit company that provides free physical fitness classes to schools that do not have a physical education facility. As part of your duties, you generate weekly reports that detail donation pledge calls placed, as well as pledge dollars received. You also maintain pledge drive agent personal information and manage the thank-you gifts agents receive for volunteering their time. This week you have decided to overhaul your report by updating agent contact information, importing data previously stored outside your old report, implementing a PivotTable using Power Pivot, and utilize Power-Add-Ins to edit and visualize the week’s data.


Start   Excel. Download and open the file named Exp19_Excel_Ch10_HOEAssessment –   PledgeDrive.xlsx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.

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Use Get & Transform (Power   Query) to load the file e10c2VolunteerInfo.csv   in the Power Query Editor. Use the Power Query Editor to split column D into   three separate columns for City, State, and Zip using comma as the delimiter.   Edit the city.state.zip1 column heading to City, city.state.zip2 to State, and city.state.zip3 to Zip then load the data to the   existing worksheet.


Rename the worksheet Volunteer   Information.


Set the External Data Range   Properties to Refresh data when opening the file.


Use Get & Transfrom (Power   Query) to load the Pledge table from xml file e10c2Rewards.xml into a new worksheet. Be sure to add the   information to the data model.


Rename the worksheet Rewards.


Apply Accounting Number Format   to the dollar amounts imported into column A.


Use Get & Transform (Power   Query) to load the Contacts table from the file e10c2Contacts.accdb in the Power Query Editor. Use the Power   Query Editor to remove the Income and Dependents fields then load the data in   a new worksheet. 


Rename the worksheet Pledge Leads.


Use Power Pivot to import the   Transactions table from the Access database e10c1PledgeDollars.accdb into a PivotTable. Place the PivotTable   on a new worksheet named Pledge Dollars. Add the Date field to the Filters area, add   Operator_ID to the Rows area, and add Pledge_Amount to the Values area. Save   the workbook.


Create a relationship between   the Operator_ID in the Transactions table and the Operator_ID in the   Volunteer Information worksheet.


Insert a 3D Map (Power Map)   using the Volunteer Information zip code (Zip) as the location dimension,   Pledge_Amount as the height dimension, and Operator_ID as the category   dimension. Zoom the plot area as needed to display results.


Save and close the file. Submit Exp19_Excel_Ch10_HOEAssessment – PledgeDrive.xlsx   as directed.

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